BIG 800 MAGGI radial saw table dimensions 1860x1145 mm. With Ø 400 blade: max cut width 20x705 mm, length cut 125x610 mm, max depth 125 mm, max cutting height at 45° 80 mm, max. height of blade from table 45 mm.

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MAGGI radial arm saws are built with the maximum care, exploiting the best technological expedients fit for making them sure and reliable.

  • The heavy cast iron structure guarantees their constant and perfect cutting precision.
  • The large wooden working table allows the operator to act with the maximum ease.
  • Adaptability, versatility, cutting precision, maintenance facility make this line of machines an essential equipment in daily use of each kind of joinery.
  • Adjustable, soundproof blade-guard carter that guarantees a complete covering of the blade for each cutting depth. Preset for an easy replacement of the same blade.
  • Sliding of the carriage/fork/motor group by means of 8 adjustable ball bearings assembled at 45 degrees on interchangeable, special steel guides.
  • Blade inclination as to working table from 0 up to 45 degrees with possibility of automatic locking at the 2 ends.
  • Large wooden working table and suction prearrangement.
  • Radial amplitude of the arm from 0 to 45 degrees either right or left.
  • IP54 electric control board with relative emergency push button.
  • NEW ADJUSTABLE BLADE GUARD ensures a complete coverage of the inactive part of the saw blade at all cut depth. diameter 550 mm.
  • SELF-BRAKING MOTOR and frontal switch for low tension.
  • THE BLADE can be positionned from 0 to 45 degrees. Automatic locking device on both of the extremities.
  • On request: automatic return device.
  • On request: self-braking motor/low voltage frontal switch group.


Three phase Motor Power

4 (3) Hp (kW)

Single phase Motor Power

3 (2.2) Hp (kW)

Motor Speed

2800 r.p.m.

Blade Diameter

Ø 400 mm

Blade Bore Diameter

Ø 30 mm

Shaft dimension

Ø 25x80 mm

Dust chute diameter on blade guard

Ø 60 mm

Rear dust chute diameter

Ø 100 mm

Table dimensions

1860x1145 mm

Maximum cut width Ø 400

20x705 mm

Length of cut h max Ø 400

125x610 mm

Maximum cut depth Ø 400

125 mm

Max. height of blade from table Ø 400

45 mm

Max. cutting heght at 45° Ø 400

80 mm

Max. cutting height arm 45° on right side

20x500 > 125x430 mm

Max. cutting height arm 45° on left side

20x310 > 125x240 mm

Net Weight

225 Kg

Gross Weight

237 Kg

Packing Dimensions

1900x850x660 mm


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