Assessment according to market price and technical condition  

If you are thinking of selling your old machine, we will buy it or look for a buyer.

In order to do a preliminary assessment we will require the manufacturing year, brand and machine model.

You will find these data on a metal plate normally stuck on the machine´side.

sell wood machinery of second hand

Please call us and we will study your case.

The following is the process:

1. DATA COLLECTION: please write down the manufacturing year, brand and machine model.
2. CONTACT US: you will be asked to provide your personal and machine data. Once we receive the information we will explain what to do next.
3. DETAILED OFFER: We´ll contact soon with the best deal.


sell woodworking machines

Furthermore, if you're also thinking about replacing your old machine with a new one, you can’t miss our TRADE-IN-PLAN! for second hand woodworking machinery.