Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance

Our technical team is highly qualified and specialized, enabling us to offer a fast and efficient service. Maintenance and repairs of woodworking machinery, PVC, aluminum, metal,composites,etc...
We have technical experts:

Woodworking Machinery Maintenance

  • Hydraulics

  • Pneumatic

  • Electricity

  • Electronics

  • CNC Programming

  • Industrial Mechanics


Since our beginnings we have always offered the possibility that our technicians perform the startup of the machinery sold. This means if the client needs it, the complete installation of the machine is done, with appropriate adjustments for the work that will be developed, and tests to verify proper operation. The machine will be ready to be used.

Repairs of machinery :

Our team has years of experience with the installation and troubleshooting of simple machines such as band saws, sliding table saws, universal combined machines, thickener planers, wood turning lathes, edge benders machines... and also in more complex machines, electronic, industrial machines, production lines, numerical controls and where even you get to make the programs required by the customer. We work with all brands of molders, sanders, horizontal beam saws, cnc and presses.

We are experts in press machines maintenance and in the maintenance of hot presses and cold platens presses:

  • change valves
  • check status of conducts
  • check platens
  • replacement and repair of hydraulic pumps
  • remodeling hydraulics system

Machinery improvements:

If the machine you use is currently in good condition but you are missing some functionality, you can always explore the option to undertake minor modifications to meet your expectations.

In addition we also offer the RETROFIT process which allows us to upgrade old machines to leave them as “new”.


We offer production consultancy and improvements, aiming to help you achieve bigger productivity and efficiency.
  • Motorized rollers
  • Transfer tables
  • Return for work pieces
  • Turn pieces
  • Loader and unloader bridges
  • Loading and Unloading Autonomous Systems
  • Installation of PLCs and CNCs
Industrial Maintenance

Relocation of machinery or factories:

Move individual machines or complete factories, we can handle the whole process or part of it, you decide:
  • Removal: Professional disassembly of the machinery and preparation for correct loading and transport.
  • Transport: We can handle the logistics and transportation.
  • Assembly: Leave it up to us to install and startup the machines and we´ll make them ready for operation.

Preventive maintenance contracts:

If you want your machine to be kept in perfect condition, the best option is having our technicians periodically check key points of your machine. This is the best way to anticipate possible failures, avoid costs for machine shutdown or repairs and ensure your equipment stays durable.
Depending on the machine type and working hours a number of reviews will be scheduled annually at your convenience.
After the maintenance check up, you will receive a report with deficiencies and recommendations.

When performing a maintenance contract with us you also get a special discount for repairs.

Industrial Maintenance


We conduct the adequacy of the machinery to CE directives as the safety report provided by the customer, or we offer the possibility of making the offer and execution of the study accompanied by a Control Authority.

Training courses:

CNC as any kind of electronic woodworking machinery, furniture, or composites and plastics factory.

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