The CLT mixer for glue and admixture. Max glue mixture preparaing capacity Kg160/170. Glue tank capacity Kg250. Catalyst tank capcity Kg60. Mixer motor Litr/min 10-11. Adjusting catalyst delivery 3-15%

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MIXER FOR GLUE CLT OSAMA: device necessary for the preparation of glues to be mixed, vinyl and urea glues with high viscosity catalysers, sulphates and isocyanides, dynamic type mixing.

  • This device is becoming more and more essential for the most varied types of applications, in woodworking and construction, where increasingly more specific materials require catalysers to be added to accelerate the reticular process of the glue and which, in some cases, are absolutely indispensible for adhesion.
  • The head of the mixer, mounted on the roller gluer, is continuously fed by special fixed delivery pumps for the glue but which are adjustable for the catalyser. The pump unit draws product directly from the storage tanks of the producer and responds to the call for further product from the probes located in the rollers, whose purpose is to maintain the correct level of glue mix.  
  • The presence of catalyser during mixing is ensured by a probe which detects the presence of material inside the mixing chamber. Each time the probes request supply, if the sensors fail to detect the presence of material the glue pump does not start and the operator receives a visible and audible warning.
  • A selector switch on the electric control panel can be used to set the feed of glue mix to the rollers. In this way it is possible to supply either the top part, or the bottom part, or both.
  • The CLT/A-1,5 Mixer completely eliminates human intervention, besides maintaining the glue feeding area clean.

TECHNICAL DETAILS                                                      

  • Max glue mixture preparaing capacity Kg160/170
  • Glue tank capacity Kg250
  • Catalyst tank capcity Kg60
  • Mixing motor of glue tank Kw5’5
  • Glue pump motor Kw 0’37
  • Catalyst pump motor Kw 0’45
  • Mixer motor Kw 0’75
  • Capacity of mixing chamber Kg 1’5
  • Mixer motor Litr/min 10-11
  • Adjusting catalyst delivery 3-15%
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