The OSAMA S1R-250 has 1 roller, working width 230mm, diameter of roller 150mm, feed speed 28 m/min, motor power 0’25KW, work surface height 780mm, usable working height with upper roller 0-200mm

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MANUAL GLUE SPREADER MACHINE S1R-250 OSAMA 1 ROLLER: this extremely simple but at the same time useful gluer is ideal for small-scale craftsman jobs, where the operator applies slight pressure on the glue roller, applying the required quantity to the surface concerned in one single run.

  • The fact of having the top part over the roller free means that strips and joists, even when shaped, can be glued as required in the right part.
  • Both the glue tank and roller are easy to clean. A 1:5 ratio mechanical variator can also be mounted if the roller speed needs to be adjustable.
  • A further interesting variant is with the smooth, ground rubber idle pressure roller, to be used as required, which in practice replaces the operator by exerting pressure on the lower roller with the glue, with a thickness aperture of 0-200 mm. This is hinge-mounted and easily positioned outside the working area to one side when not in use.
  • Transfer using stainless steel or 500 mm PVC sheath coated infeed rollers.
  • Transfer using 500 mm grooved PVC exit rollers
  • Spreader roller with 230 mm useful working width
  • Washing water collection tank in zinc-coated sheet steel


Working widthmm230
Working height upper rollermm0-200
Working Surface heightmm780
Spreading roller diametermm150
Feed speedm/min28
Motor powerKW0'25
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