Band saw for beams SET2000 SN44 MD DARIO with a cutting width 390mm, cutting height with special blade-guide 410 mm. Ideal for angled cutting, shaped countours and circumferences. Includes articulated arm with column and material support

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BANDSAW FOR CUTTING SHAPES SET 2000 SN44 MD DARIO is ideal for processing small handcraft pieces with a maximum height of 41 cm. Includes SN44 bandsaw. Designed for those who, besides normal carpentry work, have to make circular cuts.


Cutting width

390 mm

Cutting height

350 mm

Maximum cutting height with special blade-guide

410 mm

Dimensions of work surface

500 x 400 mm

Maximum blade lenght

2.720 mm

Min. blade width

3 mm

Power of motor

1,5 HP  1,1 KW


55 KG


  • This machine is composed by the SN44, by the articulated arm with column and by the material support, that allows it to move lightly and easily in any direction, keeping the working piece fixed.
  • The band saw SN44 is different from the traditional models for its various innovations:
  • It is available fixed for working at the bench, if small parts are to be obtained that require high precision (mosaics and small objects)
  • The working surface can be inclined in both directions, 35° to the right and 15° to the left, which is a very practical feature as it can be adjusted manually by means of a graduated hand wheel.
  • The central column is the main feature of this model, and can be used in two ways, fastened to the floor or on a transportable platform, where in this case the SET 2000 can be moved to where it is needed.
  • The column is the tool that permits the machine to rotate 360°, making it possible for the user to carry out many different processes, from blanking to the actual circular cut.
  • Fastening the material with a pressure lock and clamping the sawing machine to the required measurement with a special bar, precise arcs and fully round circumferences can be obtained. (Arc cutting device).
  • The possibility to rotate makes it possible to have access to all the points of the part to be cut, making SET 2000 especially appropriate for carpentry shops that have to work the four sides of a panel.
  • Furthermore other pneumatic devices can be applied, and SET 2000 can be used with 2 or more work stations, also cutting the material in packs
  • Appropriate for processing of panels, beams, joists, arcs, contours in series, etc.



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