SPINDLE MOULDER profil 45 M FORMAT-4, table opening 320 mm, working height mm 890, electrical moulder spindle height setting, digital display for spindle angle adjustment, electric moulder spindle tilt 90°–45°

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profil 45 M FORMAT-4
New machinery
Technical description


NEW: The profil 45M tilting spindle moulder

  • The new high tech tilting spindle moulder from Format-4 offers premium operating comfort and top quality Austrian machine manufacturing precision. With elegant design, a long and solid cast iron moulding table and innovative detailed solutions, the profil 45 M convinces by dealing with all requirements of professional woodworking.
  • The profil 45 M from Format-4 with its unique configurations is the industrial machine for professional special moulding work and highest efficiency for perfect woodworking.


Electrical setup

  • 3x 400 V motor voltage
  • 50 Hz motor frequency
  • 5.5 HP (4.0 kW) S1
  • 5 positions at 3500/4500/6000/8000/10,000 rpm
  • Star-delta start
  • Forward and Reverse Run

Spindle Moulder Unit and Spindle Fence

  • Table opening 320 mm
  • Electric moulder spindle tilt 90°–45°
  • Electrical moulder spindle height setting
  • Digital display for spindle angle adjustment
  • Moulder spindle Ø 30 mm, usable height from table 140 mm
  • Spindle locking from outside
  • Moulder fence 250 for max. tool diameter 250 mm
  • Centrex moulder guard
  • MULTI setting system for moulder fence 250, driven by electric motor, for parallel guidance and quick-setting, with digital read-out
  • Aluminum spindle fence plates anodised 550 mm


  • Working height in mm 890
  • Min. transport width in mm (without option 012) 920
  • Extractor connection port diameter in mm on spindle moulder fence/below table extraction 140/80
  • Weight kg (with standard configuration) 730
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