HORIZONTAL BEAM SAW KAPPA AUTOMATIC 80 FORMAT-4: motor power 12 HP, cutting height of 80 mm, cutting length 3200 mm, continuously adjustable feed 5-100 m/min, return speed 130 m/min, main saw blade Ø 320 mm, scoring unit Ø 150 mm

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HORIZONTAL BEAM SAW KAPPA AUTOMATIC 80.32.32 FORMAT-4: this horizontal panel saw is one of the heaviest saws in its class, the kappa automatic 80 with pressure bar and steel material slider is durable and of high quality machine construction. High-end cuts, highest precision and maximum repeatability are the results of this philosophy. With the newly developed control panel with a 24" flat screen monitor in combination with the cutting direction against the fence and a saw blade cutting height of 80 mm, the machine is one of the biggest in its class.



  • 3x 400 V motor voltage, 50 Hz motor frequency
  • Motor power 12.0 HP (9.0 KW)
  • Cutting length and pressure beam
  • Cutting length 3200 mm (Material sliders 3200 mm)
  • Pressure bars are pneumatically controlled
  • 2 pressure settings via the controls

Cutting lengths and pressure bars

  • Cutting length: 80mm
  • Pneumatically controlled pressure beam
  • Package height dependent pressure beam control
  • 2 contact pressures can be selected via the control


  • Saw blade projection: 77mm
  • Main saw blade-Ø: 320mm
  • Scoring unit-Ø: 150mm
  • Saw blade quick tension (main saw + scoring unit)
  • Cutting direction towards the mitre fence
  • Variable feed speed adjustment 5-100 m/min
  • Return speed 130 m/min
  • Automatic cutting length recognition, with laser sensor on the saw carriage
  • Scoring unit 1.1 kW, lowers pneumatically

Angle and support tables

  • Machine table in polished Steel
  • Air cushion mitre table 2300 x 600 mm with fence guide
  • Left-side version with mitre table and control terminal on the left side

Material pusher and panel stack clamp

  • Travelling distance of the material pusher: 3200mm
  • Material pusher (speed forwards/back) 25/80 m/min
  • Number of panel stack clamps single-finger version opening height 75mm: 6

Machine control system

  • 24" TFT operator terminal with software, mouse and keyboard
  • PC with Windows 7 Professional operating system
  • Operating hours counter, linear meter, service intervals


  • Extraction connection-Ø in mm 120/100/100
  • Weight (Kg): 5200
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