HORIZONTAL BEAM SAW KAPPA AUTOMATIC 100 FORMAT-4: 12CV motor, 4300mm cutting length, 355mm main saw blade, polished steel sliding carriage. The speed of advance is adjustable continuously: 5-100 m / min. It has a control panel: 24 "TFT screen, Touch screen (optional).

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Technical description

HORIZONTAL BEAM SAW KAPPA AUTOMATIC 100 FORMAT-4: has in its construction and equipment the main basic points of modern production:

  • The edges are cut through the automatic adjustment of the cutting height and the optimum angle of the saw with maximum smoothness of the carriage.
  • The double measurement system ensures the highest possible repeatability.
  • To obtain maximum productivity with shorter cutting cycles, it depends on the height of the material, the pressure bar opens thus reducing the machining time to a minimum.
  • A point in constant increase in production is energy costs. Our "Green Line package" with controlled suction lock and direct motor control can reduce energy requirements up to 30%.
  • One of the lowest noise that protects the environment and protects the health of the operator.


Electric system

  • Motor voltage 3x 400 V, motor frequency 50 Hz
  • 12.0 hp engine (9.0 kW)

Cutting lengths and pressure bars

  • Cutting length: 4300mm
  • Pneumatically controlled pressure bar
  • Board height depends on press bar
  • Selection of 2 contact pressures

Saw carriage

  • Saw blade projection: 95mm
  • Ø main saw blade: 355mm
  • Ø incisor saw: 150mm
  • Motorized numerical control of cutting height
  • Quick setting (main disk + incisor)
  • Cut to the angular ruler of the car
  • Continuous feed rate: 5–100 m / min
  • Reverse 130 m / min
  • Long automatic cutting x laser sensor in car
  • Incisor with 2.2 kW pneumatic descent

Angular and support table

  • Polished steel sliding carriage
  • Air mattress - angular table 2300/600 mm
  • Left version with angular table and terminal
  • Air mattress table 2300 x 600 mm Piece: 3

Material and clamp shifter:

  • Material displacer travel: 4300mm
  • Slide material forward / backward 25/80 m / min
  • Automatic edging by laser measurement

Machine control

  • 24 "TFT terminal + software, mouse and keyboard
  • Windows 7 Professional operating system
  • Service hours counter, linear meter
  • "Green Line Package" to reduce energy


  • Suction socket Ø in mm 120/100/100
  • Weight: 6300 Kg

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