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Technical description


The IDIMATIC 58/5 plating machine is a single-sided automatic plating machine with work on the left, suitable for veneering melamine panels, roll sheet, 25mm wood thickness and the like. It allows the application of melamine paper, PVC, ABS edges up to 3 mm, material in rolls, according to machine configuration it adapts to the previously described. It has the upper tail and lower boiler dosing group. The operating groups are managed from the electro-pneumatic control panel.

Main parts:

  • Slides (1)
  • Towing caterpillar (2): the towbar is the means by which the movement of the panel is obtained. Mounted on chain, it is formed by nylon skates coated with high friction rubber.
  • Upper press (3): the upper press exerts a useful force to prevent lateral displacement of the panel. It is formed by a series of opposing rubber wheels.
  • Towing group (4)
  • Control panel (5)
  • Upright support panels (6)


  • Edge banders
  • Minimum edge thickness: 0.4 (in roll)
  • Maximum edge thickness: 3 mm (in roll)
  • Maximum edge thickness: 20 mm (in solid wood strips)
  • Tupi group speed: 12,000 rpm
  • Height adjustment of the operator groups: automatic with upper press
  • Entrance guide prepared to temper the board to work.
  • Total worktable length: 6750 mm
  • Group selection from the dashboard
  • Tail boiler temperature: 20/210 Cº
  • Boiler heating power: 4.1 kW-resistors
  • Thickness of the piece (min / max): 10/50 mm
  • Ribbed overlay aggregate: 2 upper and lower engines of 0.75 hp at 12,000 rpm
  • Added upper and lower chamfering endowed with inclination
  • Pneumatic shear aggregate
  • Boiler group: glue roller with double direction of rotation, hot melt.
  • Boiler group: with upper diffuser, with low diffuser tail tank
  • Arrondador aggregate for anterior and posterior grinding in postformed panels.
  • Arrondador aggregate with 4 independent 0.7 HP engines at 12,000 rpm.
  • Lower and upper scratch aggregate
  • Roll holder disc diameter: 870 mm
  • Maximum permissible tail: 2.5 kg
  • Pressure roller group: 4 pneumatic pressure rollers, the first motorized.
  • Boiler equipped with electronic thermostat for temperature, up to 200ºC
  • Tail roller starts automatically when the tail reaches 190ºC
  • Boiler equipped with greaser
  • Control panel with pneumatic selector in all groups.
  • Drag motor power: 2.2 kW
  • Automatic board drag speed: 12-18m / min
  • All aggregates are equipped with a Siko clock with numerical indicator to adjust the drag of the piece.
  • Minimum working width: 55 (with strips) - 110 mm (with thick edge)
  • Aggregate of retestado equipped with: 2 saws with pneumatic lift and electric motor of 9.35 kW.
  • Inclination of retaining motors from 0 to 15º
  • Polishing aggregate: equipped with two independent motor brushes of 0.25 kW at 3,000 rpm
  • Polishing shaft diameter: 150 mm and 19 mm shaft


  • Suction diameter Ø (mm): 80mm, 540m3 / hour of aspirated air at 30 meters / second is required
  • Machine height: 1260 mm
  • Machine width: 650 mm
  • Compressed air connection
  • Pressure settings: 7.5 / 8 bar
  • Pneumatic system does not need any lubrication
  • Acoustic noise: max 70 Db
  • Machine weight: 2910 Kg

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