The EDGE BANDING MACHINE G 220 FELDER is only 1800 mm lenght. Edge thickness: 0,4–2 mm. Workpiece thickness: 10–45 mm.

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Technical description


The second-hand EDGE BANDING G300 FELDER allows working from 10 to 45mm board, 0.6 dec. heel and 1 and 2 mm PVC. The machine with super-fast heating of the boiler, occupies very little space being very accessible to handle perfect for all types of board and with option of provision of wheels for the transfer in the workshop. Full machine accessories.


Electrical Setup

  • 3x400 V.
  • 50 Hz.
  • 4,3 CV (3,2 kW).

Technical description

  • Thickness of edges: 0.4-3mm
  • Tupi group speed: 10,500 rpm
  • Blades cutters diameter: 70mm with radius 2
  • Tail boiler temperature: 20/210 Cº
  • Boiler heating power: 1135 W
  • Thickness of the piece (min / max): 10/45 mm
  • Worktable dimension: 2000 x 300 mm
  • Equipped with safety switch, it only works with the drag device closed
  • Machine equipped with flag carrier carriage.
  • Tilt flag carriage to vary the angle of entry of very hunched edges.
  • Angular stop unit to join the glued edge with the workpiece.
  • Piece stop: used to separate the edge of the magazine from the magazine, it works pneumatically.
  • Device for pins, lower guide to adjust the height of the drag table.
  • Top of the piece guide: it is used to adapt the thickness of the edge.
  • Pneumatic shear aggregate
  • Calderín group: hot melt glue
  • Maximum allowable tail: 1kg
  • Boiler equipped with electronic thermostat for temperature, up to 200ºC
  • Tail roller starts automatically when the tail reaches 190ºC
  • Boiler equipped with greaser
  • Thermostat control screen with parameter description to increase and lower the tail temperature.
  • Automatic part drag with motorized top band
  • Automatic board drag speed: 5m / min
  • Steering wheel equipped with Siko clock with numerical indicator to adjust the drag of the piece.
  • Minimum working width: 72 mm
  • Retestado unit equipped with: 2 saws with pneumatic lift and electric motor.
  • Chamfering unit: equipped with two upper and lower Z6 drills, WIDIA blade, diameter 70 mm and 15,000 rpm, with axial adjustment for modifying them.
  • Polishing unit: equipped with two independent motorized brushes.
  • Pneumatic-motorized pressure rollers


  • Suction diameter Ø (mm): 120mm
  • Machine height: 1260 mm
  • Machine width: 650 mm
  • Compressed air connection
  • Pressure settings: 6.5 bar
  • Pneumatic system does not need any lubrication
  • Acoustic noise: max 73.6 Db
  • The machine needs an aspiration with depression of 20 m/s

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