The THICKNESSER EXACT 51 FORMAT-4 has a brush width of 504 mm and a thickness of regrueso from 3 to 300 mm. The feed rate is adjustable, continuously 5–20 m/min. Brush shaft with self-adjusting blades and with Silent-POWER spiral blade (optional).

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It is ideal for jobs where the highest demands of brushing on wooden surfaces are required. It is a machine with complete standard equipment, such as the pressure bar articulated under the spring on the feed side, the presser bar under the spring on the output side and a variable feed rate of 5 to 20 m/min, the new EXACT 51 can be equipped with a long list of options according to customer requirements.


Electric system

  • 3x 400 V, motor voltage.
  • 50 Hz motor frequency.
  • 7.5 hp (5.5 kW) S6 / 40%
  • Triangle star start.

Brush shaft

  • Edge scope circle: 120 mm
  • Revolutions 5000 rpm
  • 4-blade system shaft
  • Number of blades - Silent-POWER helical brush shaft: 77

Thicknesser and advance team

  • Thicknesser width: 504mm
  • Maximum chip pitch: 10 mm
  • Height of the thicknesser table min/max: 3-300 mm
  • Electric height adjustment of thicknesser.
  • Electronic digital display for the adjustment of the “Power-Drive” D1 table
  • Unilateral elastic articulated press bars
  • Spring exit pressure roller.
  • Steel entrance roller, helical denture Ø 85 mm.
  • Steel exit roller, micro denture Ø 85 mm.
  • Drag with drive 5–20 m / min.


  • Suction socket in mm (mountable left or right): 140 mm
  • Weight in Kg (with medium equipment):812 kg

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