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Technical description


The second handSUPERCUT 300 SALVADOR cutting edge optimizer is used to cut pre-set lengths of semi-finished wood through the apposition of signals with fluorescent plaster executed by the operator in correspondence with wood defects. The half-finished once short are unloaded by the tape put in the exit of the machine.

The operator, after having programmed the speed control, inertia, proceeds to the height adjustment of the upper pressure wheels, based on the thickness of the wood, through the crank placed on the upper part of the cutter.

Taken the piece of wood from the pile, it is deposited on a plan and executes the signature of the material. Successively deposit the table in the feeder, which continuously feeds the cutter. The signal survey station is placed between the first pressure wheel and the saw axis. The signals made by the control that controls the advance of the two pressure wheels and the consent to the cut once the table is positioned. All short pieces, including discards, are discarded by the appropriate output ribbon. All short pieces, including discards, are discharged by the appropriate discharger, exit site with a ribbon.

The saw blade is lifted by means of a pneumatic cylinder to have the fastest cutting speed.

The movement of the wood is carried out through an upper pressure group composed of four large diameter sprockets to have a safe drag on the table. The assembly is commanded by a brushless type motor. The movement of the wood to be cut is commanded by a CNC uniaxil control of high performance. The eventual reading of the signals is executed by a luminescence detector.

The optimization can be, the long and fixed cuts or with parameters relative to the cutting program.


  • Three-phase voltage: 400/50 V / Hz
  • Maximum power: 10Kw
  • Saw motor: 4Kw
  • Advance motor: brushless type 18Nm
  • Saw Diameter: 500 mm
  • Long cut tolerance: 2mm per meter
  • Maximum speed advance: 150 m / min
  • Revolutions: 2950 rpm
  • Compressed air pressure: 6-8 Bar
  • Working table height: 850-900mm
  • Suction inlets: 120 and 100 mm
  • Advancement: Of der. to left
  • Maximum cutting height: 100mm
  • Maximum cutting width: 300mm
  • Tables of load: 2, one of entrance and another one of exit.
  • CE mark

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