The BURKLE ROBUS PRO SCPR spray coating machine allows working at high speeds while maintaining a high quality finish. It performs both in-depth and finished work using solvent-based and water-based products. This model is designed to make handling, maintenance and cleaning comfortable and easy for the operator.

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The ROBUS PRO SCPR spray coating machine is a machine designed to achieve perfection in automatic coating on an industrial level. Burkle's Robus Pro SCPR comes in two different sizes to perfectly match your production needs. It is intended to apply both primer and finish and work with different solvent-based lacquer systems or water-based materials.

It consists of a spray booth with a solid structure. It has a large opening covered by a safety glass that allows access to all maintenance areas. Easy handling with an adjustable control panel with ready-to-use controllers and accessories. Easy to clean cabinet with quick change system for all filter units on fresh air and exhaust air side.


  • Working width: 1300 mm
  • Width of the conveyor belt: 1950 mm
  • Speed ​​of the conveyor belt: 3-20 m / min
  • Rotation speed: 50-150 m / min = 8 - 23 rpm
  • Maximum number of spray guns: 16 guns (8 + 8)
  • Maximum number of simultaneously operating spray guns: 8 guns
  • Fresh air volume: 18000 m³ / h
  • Exhaust air volume without resistance: 17000m³ / h
  • Machine length: 6760 mm
  • Weight: 8500 kg
  • Power: 50 Hz 22 kW
  • Nominal current: 55A


  • Scanning Unit: Detects the workpiece at the machine inlet. Detects the perimeter of the part so that the machine control optimally adjusts the spraying program.
  • Lacquer supply unit with two independent color circuits, equipped with lacquer supply lines and air ducts. Central connection point for the supply of lacquer arranged on the motor side.
  • Coating unit: the lacquer rotating unit has automatic tracking of the guns. A Wagner Cobra 40/25 type high pressure diaphragm pump integrated in the rotation unit (prepared for the installation of a second pump). The height adjustment of the spray gun unit is motorized. Continuous adjustment by entry in the operating panel. The rotation unit bracket can be adjusted in height. It is prepared to install a maximum of 16 spray guns each (8 + 8) of different types.
  • Transport system with a solvent resistant transport strap. This system incorporates a belt cleaning unit with precision cleaning by means of rotating brushes and a scraper blade and a cleaning unit with a membrane pump, a tank for cleaning medium and a supply system.
  • Lacquer recovery system is designed as a removable scraping unit with recovery system for lacquer in the collection tray. Humidification of the strap for an optimal lacquer cleaning result.
  • Fresh air filter cover equipped with four fresh air fans and coarse dust filter. Specific orientation of the air flow to reduce overspray and to supply the exhaust air system.
  • Double layer dry filter unit on the corrosion protected suction shafts arranged next to the carrying strap. These filters can be easily removed.
  • The machine control system consists of a 12 "Siemens panel. It is an easy-to-use operator control system. All machine parameters can be easily adjusted and the operator has a comprehensive overview of the machine parameters and information.

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