Cold press PFH/25/3 ORMAMACCHINE, fix platen 2500x1300 mm, movable platens sup.3x833x1300, total thrust 90 Tn, 6 pistons, stroke 500mm.

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  • Lower fix platen sizes (mm.):2500x1300
  • Nº Upper movable platen: 3
  • Upper movable platen sizes (mm.): 833x1300
  • Total thrust (Tons.): 90
  • Cylinders: 6
  • Diam. Pistons: 70
  • Stroke/Opening: 500/1000


  • Down stroke design;
  • Upon request: movable platen split in 2 or 3 sections.
  • Side loading.
  • Upper platen covered by steel plate;
  • The bottom platen (planed beam structure) foresees a series of wheels to ease up the loading/unloading phases. These wheels, not powered, are spring loaded and disappear into the beam slots during the pressing phase.
  • Press structure made out of steel sections welded together, for a sturdy construction and lifetime guarantee. Locating surfaces are CNC tool machined.
  • Press platens made out of planed beams, guarantee of the best flatness and parallelism between them. The platen parallelism is also granted by a double rack and pinion system (both length and crosswise). The movable platen can be split in 2, 3, 4 or more sections (upon request).
  • Hydraulic system it is complete with hydraulic power unit fitted with a double stage pump (first high delivery at a low pressure and then low delivery at high pressure); the automatic recovery of possible loss of pressure is also granted by the system. Hydraulic cylinders are manufactured under exclusive Ormamacchine design; rams are hard chromium plated to grant a better wear proof. Presses with split platens: it is possible to set different working pressures on each individual platen.
  • Main control board is fitted with all controls to set and to run the press. All models are CE rules complying and fitted with compulsory safety devices.
  • Optional extra upon request: press automatic opening by timer; rams’ extra stroke; electrical control to operate split platens at the same time.


  • PRESS total thrust 120 Tn, with 6 pistons diam. 90 mm
  • PRESS total thrust 180 Tn, with 9 pistons diam. 90 mm
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