The clean air dust extractor has 15 HP motor power, motor voltage 3x 400 V, airflow capacity 8000 m3/h, residual dust emission <1 mg/m³, filter surface area 71 m2, extraction connector diameter350 mm

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CLEAN AIR DUST EXTRACTOR RL 350 FELDER: The fact that there is wood dust in workshops is clear and it has also been well known for some time that the dust is classified as a health hazard, but it is only recently that dust extraction in this industry has become a real talking point. An EU legislation soon to come into force will allow companies that have an air filter requirement of up to 8000 m³/h (previously 6000 m³/h) to be able to use wood dust tested clean air dust extractors, saving the expensive investment of an externally positioned extractor. However, in addition to the numerous rules and regulations, one thing is also absolutely clear: working in a dust free environment is not only healthier but also offers numerous opportunities to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency in woodworking companies. A tailor-made extraction solution is simply essential for a "healthy workshop".

  • Sensational value for money
  • Optimised chip distribution between the dust collection bins
  • Mobility and high performance in the smallest of spaces


  • Motor power 3x 400 V or 3x 230 V; 50 Hz; 15 PS (11 kW)
  • Max. airflow capacity 8000 m³/h
  • Nominal air flow capacity 20 m/sec. m³/h 6950
  • Static pressure Pa 2630
  • Filter surface area m² 71
  • Extraction connector diameter in mm 350 mm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 2640 x 1140 x 2260
  • Dust emission quality mg/m³<0,1
  • Acoustic pressure dB 75
  • Chip volume 2x 250 l    
  • Weight kg 880
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