Working area X = 5540 mm, Y = 1505 mm, Z = 350 mm. 10 position linear changer on the left hand side. 12 vertical and 6 horizontal drilling and grooving saw blade

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PROFIT H500 16.56 FORMAT-4
New machinery
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CNC MACHINING CENTRE PROFIT H500 16.56 FORMAT-4: It is universal workshops in particular where 5 axes technology is becoming increasingly important. With just a few standard tools, a large as possible range of uses has to be covered, in order to keep the cost of investment in special units and milling tools as low as possible. The new profit H500 Format-4 CNC Machining Centre covers these requirements like no other and offers the most up-to-date 5 axes technology at a manageable investment level. The high performance main spindle guarantees excellent results at every angle regardless of the material. In conjunction with the 18 independent drilling spindles and integrated grooving saw aggregate, the profit H500 offers limitless processing possibilities and ensures shortest possible production cycles.

In the new, completely reengineered design, the CNC machining centres from Format-4 display dynamics, power and high end technology from the first glance. With the "everything from a single supplier" solutions from Format-4 the customer will receive a perfectly matched complete package for the highest of requirements.

  • Hose-free Format-4 dual circuit system with vacuum pod height of 100 mm
  • 2 CNC controlled Z-axes for the shortest of production cycles
  • e-motion: Automatic console and vacuum pod positioning


Working area: X = 5540 mm, Y = 1505 mm, Z = 350 mm (Passage height from console height)
Automatic central lubrication system:
All of the moveable axes are continuously automatically lubricated ensuring low-maintenance, reliability and constant operational readiness. The lubrication is time controlled and pneumatically engaged onto the lubricating points of the X-, Y- and Z- axes guides. The lubricating cycle is set by the controls of the axes.

Secure workpiece support - precise results: The dual circuit vacuum console table with manual suction pod positioning prevents the inadvertent shifting of the suction pods as the workpiece is placed on them. Various different Format-4 vacuum pods can be used to secure every conceivable workpiece design quickly and reliably.

Workpiece cylinder stops at “double zero point” (second fence row): Additional to the workpiece cylinder stops for the “standard-zero point” is the second fence row found in the front part on every work bed, particularly useful for processing large workpieces. (Available as an option with the H20)

The main spindle: The powerful 5 axes spindle with 12 or optionally 15 kW motor guarantees excellent results whilst milling, drilling and sawing at any angle. The special liquid cooling and high quality ceramic bearings ensure durable precision and incredible smoothness regardless of the material. An inverter regulates the speed and can be set at any speed up to 24.000 rpm.

Limitless processing possibilities with the FORMAT-4 boring unit: The 18 (12 vertical and 6 horizontal) drilling spindles are independently controlled in both the X- and Y- direction. The integrated grooving saw aggregate with variable speed up to 6,000 rpm guarantees almost limitless processing variety and short production cycles.

Agregate carrier with 2 Z-axes: The aggregate carrier with 2 Z-axes enables the quick, alternating use of the boring unit and the main spindle. The distance in which the Z-axes can move is 500 mm; this allows the use of longer tools even when processing thicker workpieces.

The FORMAT-4 console table - adaptable for every requirement: Customised as required, the working area can be equipped with 6, 8 or 10 consoles. Choose between 3 tried and tested console systems with different levels of automisation, ensuring that you have the perfect setup for differing workpiece sizes and designs.

Chipping deflection plate: A chip deflector mounted to the spindle controlled by the C-axis enables the unlimited use of existing tools. When machining the edge of a workpiece, dust and chips are directed into the extraction port.

E-motion console system: automatic positioning for increased productivity: With the efficient modular control, the e-motion console system guarantees perfect furniture, doors, windows and stair production. The exact position of the consoles, vacuum pods and frame clamps are automatically optimised and set. This drastically reduces the processing time and increases your profitability from the first day on.

The rotary tool changer with 24 tooling positions is mounted to the outrigger, ensuring that it is always there when required. This ensures that the tooling changeover time is as short as possible and that your Format-4 machining centre is even more productive!

The rotary tool changer that travels with the outrigger with 24 tooling positions: The rotary tool changer with 24 tooling positions is mounted to the outrigger, ensuring that it is always there when required. This ensures that the tooling changeover time is as short as possible and that your Format-4 machining centre is even more productive!

10 position linear tool changer - high flexibility and quick changeover times: The 10 position linear tool changer ensures quick changeover times, minimises the compressed air requirement and offers ample space for milling tools and chip deflectors.

Maximum travelling speed without tolerances - X-axis running along cog and rail: The high quality cog and rail drive of the X-axis with angled and cambered teeth guarantee high precision at maximum speed. The speed reduction gears guarantee a high level of repeatability. Sealed bearings: durable and highly precise recirculating ball bushings run on hardened and ground linear guides.

Linear guiding with sealed bearings: Sealed bearings on the head guides: Running on hardened and ground linear guides, recirculating ball bushings ensure durable and absolute precision. The Y and Z-axes are positioned with exact precision using ground recirculating ball bushings.

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