The CNC profit H500 MT FORMAT-4 has a working field of 5520x1505x325 mm. It incorporates 5 cardan shafts with 12kW. The drill has 12 vertical, 6 horizontal axes and a grooving saw. Tool changer with 21 positions on the X flag carriage.

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CNC profit H500 MT FORMAT-4

The profit model H500 MT has as standard equipment 34 positions for tools, 24 spindles and 5 spindle axes. The large phenolic resin matrix table guarantees, thanks to its optimal vacuum distribution, safe process work on parts of different materials and dimensions.

The machine in its standard version has an aluminum table that allows individual tightening systems and fix all kinds of parts, as well as templates on the machine. The own Software with clear and intuitive menu management facilitates programming.


  • Base equipment
  • Edition field X = 3720 mm, Y = 1505 mm, Z = 325 mm (1250 mm oscillation)
  • Aluminum table withT slot for H500 MT 16.38
  • Automatic central lubrication, by pneumatic control
  • Remote control for axis speed control
  • Internet teleservice kit
  • Shaft HSK F63 5 cardan shafts 12 Kw (S6), 24,000 rpm, ceramic bearings incl. liquid cooling; Operating range of the C +/- 270º axis; axis B +/- 180º
  • Torque support for aggregate fitting S S
  • Drill Head DH 18 6H 1S; with 12 vertical, 6 horizontal axes and a grooving saw in X-Direction
  • Safety system with photocell on the front (one work field per pedal)
  • 10-position tool changer mounted on the side of the machine chassis incl. chip deflector preparation
  • Tool changer 24 positions on the X flag carriage
  • Security fence to the right and left of the machine
  • Fixed service terminal on the right side of the machine
  • Wood Flash programming software (one for use on the machine and the other remote).

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